Pre-litigation settlement platform

Work with Claimants before  they become Plaintiffs

ZipClaims helps resolve claims without litigation and allows Claimants to settle their claim without paying 30-40% attorneys fees.

90 Days to Settle

Resolutions must be reached within 90 days.

data driven decisions

Case valuations based on data & modeling

IMprove Loss ratios

Quick, fair settlements benefit all parties.

We’ve reimagined how claimants can settle cases using processes and technology

We spent a lot of time “peeling the onion” to identify a fundamental assumption that we could improve upon that would result in seismic change.

Now, we’re taking action by disrupting the traditional legal business model by modernizing the process and automating tasks that result in massive efficiencies, quicker case resolution, and fair settlements.

Our technology platform makes it easy for claimants, adjusters, and even lawyers to collaborate and reach a settlement.

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An experience, not just a service

We’ve built an amazing solution with processes that enhance users experience as they negotiate and solve disputes. We do this by creating beautiful, simple workflows that enhance communication and encourage collaboration.

High ROI

We’ve built an experience that is welcoming, fair, transparent and efficient. As a result, parties reach amicable resolutions in the vast majority of matters.

Brand Enhancement

Imagine a claims experience that reflects positively on your brand, reputation and service.

Streamlined Processes

We streamline the process and help you get claims resolved quickly so you can focus more on your business.

Document Management

Real-time notification of and access to police reports, medical records and other documents. Easy reporting and analytics

Centralized collaboration

  Adjusters, lawyers and claimants can collaborate and track the status of the claim. 

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Our Team

Jonathan Broder, Esq.

Founder, CEO


Director of Legal Services

Peter Vogt

Director of Claims Services