Founded by a lawyer who saw the waste and inefficiencies firsthand

Jonathan Broder is an attorney licensed in Florida who previously handled plaintiff contingency cases and established ZipClaims to bring technology to improve the inefficient and wasteful litigation process.

The goal of ZipClaims is to disrupt plaintiff lawyers and help the public resolve their claim quickly and for fair value

How It Works

ZipClaims is an alternative dispute resolution platform aimed at settling claims before they become cases. We work with claimants before they become plaintiffs.

Carriers, TPA’s and self-insureds can work with claimants to resolve their claims without litigation. 

Instead of charging claimants a percentage of the amount recovered, ZipClaims charges defendants a SaaS license fee to access the ZipClaims platform as well as a flat-fee to access each claim.

Accept a Claim on Our Platform When

Involves your insured

There is exposure

Resolvable without litigation

Settle Within 90 Days of Demand

Claims on the platform should settle (or not) within 90 days. Once 90 days has passed, the claim will be referred to an attorney in our network for litigation.