We believe in FAIRNESS.

If you are injured in an accident, at work, or have a property claim, you may be tempted to hire another lawyer.

At ZipClaims, we know many claims will settle quickly, and since we are spending less time on the matter, we deserve less compensation. It’s only fair!


Is ZipClaims a law firm?

No, ZipClaims is a lawyer referral service owned by Jonathan L. Broder, Esq., who is a lawyer licensed in Florida. Your claim may be handled by his law firm, or it may be referred to another law firm who honors our rate structure.

What are the rates?

If your claim settles within 180 days of filing the Demand Letter, you will only pay 20% attorney’s fees.

If your claim goes to mediation and settles, the fee is 25%

If your claim goes to trial, the fee is 33.3% which is the “standard” fee every lawyer charges.

Click here to see the full rate schedule.

Do I have to settle?

No. You never have to accept a settlement offer unless you want to. However, once you do sign a settlement agreement it is binding.

What other costs are there?

Costs associated with your claim may be deducted from your settlement. Costs may include items such as shipping, mediators, experts, court reporters, medical bill retrieval services or others. Medical bills, ambulance bills and other medical-related bills and liens will also be paid from your settlement.