Is this a law firm?

No, ZipClaims is a pre-litigation settlement platform. We are affiliated with B.B. Legal, a law firm, who will assist you in the preparation of your claim and in settlement negotiations.

Am I represented by a lawyer?

Yes. You will be represented by attorneys from B.B. Legal. The lawyers at the law firm represent you, and only you. The insurance companies have their own attorneys. 

How is it free?

We are able to offer our platform to you for free because we charge insurance companies and others a software licensing fee to access the platform and to access you, the claimant, on our platform.

Separately, the law firm also earns revenue by charging co-counsel fees when it refers more complex claims to other attorneys.

Why does my claim have to settle within 90 days?

The purpose of the 90 day period is to incentivize everyone to try and resolve the matter timely. There’s no reason most claims can’t be resolved within 90 days.

The 90-day period only begins once we send a demand letter. It may take several weeks before we have all the information needed to send a demand letter.

Do I have to settle?

No. Participation is voluntary and you never have to accept a settlement offer unless you want to. However, once you do sign a settlement agreement it is binding.

Will a lawsuit be filed?

Usually not. The goal is to try and settle the matter without litigation! However, B.B. Legal will file a lawsuit for you if needed to preserve your statute of limitations. 

Will you take my claim?

Hopefully! But the truth is that not all claims will qualify. Restrictions apply.  To find our if your claim qualifies, we need more information and details about your claim/injury.

What happens if my claim does not settle?

Claims that do not settle can proceed to litigation. By using our platform you do not forfeit any of your legal rights or remedies. We can introduce you to co-counsel who can help you, or you may select your own attorney. 

If my claim is referred to co-counsel is it still “free”?

No. When a claim is referred from B.B. Legal to co-counsel for litigation you will have to sign their retainer agreement which will be their standard contingency agreement. Your claim will now be a “case” and will no longer be eligible to “settle for free.”

What are the costs?

If your claim settles within the 90 day period, you will pay $0 attorneys fees. This means if your settlement check is for $100,000 you will receive $100,000 less costs.

Costs associated with your claim may be deducted from your settlement. Costs may include items such as shipping, mediators, experts, court reporters, medical bill retrieval services or others. Medical bills, ambulance bills and other medical-related bills and liens will also be paid from your settlement.

Is this mediation?

ZipClaims is a pre-litigation settlement platform, not mediation. This is a form of “alternative dispute resolution” and the goal is to settle your claim before it becomes a case.