Most insurance professionals agree; honest claims get honest, quick resolutions.

But public adjusters and (some) lawyers make it hard for your claim to be resolved.

Why? Because their fees increase the cost of your claim.

An insurance company is going to be reluctant to pay your claim if their adjuster says the damage to your home is $50,000 and the public adjuster claims it’s worth $100,000. The situation gets even more complex when the attorney adds $30,000 in legal fees.

Now, what was a $50,000 claim is a $130,000 claim.

The insurance company may offer $70,000 or even $80,000 but your lawyer may not accept it because EVEN THOUGHT IT COVERS THE COST TO REPAIR YOUR PROPERTY, it does not pay the public adjuster and lawyers’ fees. And you don’t have a choice.

Because you hired a lawyer, the insurance company can only negotiate with the lawyer.

ZipClaims offers a better option.

Using ZipClaims, we will provide an independent adjuster to come and evaluate the damages to your property. This adjuster will be paid a flat rate, not a percentage of your settlement, like a public adjuster.

ZipClaims will then negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company to try and settle the claim.

Using the above example, let’s say your claim settles for $70,000. The cost for the independent adjuster will be deducted from your $70,000 award. If the independent adjuster cost $800, you would receive $69,200.

ZipClaims does not charge a fee or take a percentage of your settlement. ZipClaims charges insurance companies a SaaS software licensing fee to access our platform and a flat fee to connect with you, the claimant.

You should have a much better experience, and get paid quicker using ZipClaims.

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